Is Technology Ruining Your Health?

February 9, 2018

On-demand doctor. Life-saving Fitbits. Organized and detailed nutrition data. Scales that take 360-degree pictures of your body. Technology is changing the future of health.

Plus slightly more advanced things like the simple but lifesaving pacemaker,  to the complex research in genome sequencing and stem cells. Health tech could reduce cancer to a manageable disease and reverse diabetes. These major advancements could change the way we look at life, make us healthier and live longer.

The question is can we get there before technology destroys our health? The impact technology has on our daily lives can be very negative to our personal and mental health. Recent research has shown that our ever-connected lives are resulting in increased anxiety and even changing our brain chemistry.

Before you throw out all of the modern technological conveniences of your life, sell all your possessions and go live in the woods, let us help you avoid a few areas where tech can hurt your health.

  • Social Media Addiction – How many of you check your phone seconds before you go to sleep? What could be happening on a daily basis that needs your attention at 11 pm? Unless North Korea is sending you a text before they bomb us, you are ok to ignore your phone a few hours before you go to bed. Wait! Did you hear about that post your never-spoken-to-since-kindergarten friend shared on Facebook? Life changing.
  • Fake News – Headlines, headlines and headlines. I can’t tell if fat is good, sugar will kill me or carbs are the devil. The point is, headlines are bad for your health. Ignore them. Run from them. Health is measured in decades, not minutes. Keep that in mind next time you hear that an app can solve your depression.
  • Flash Trends – What worse than fake news? Wasting your money and time on one more new nutrition trend. Did you know Americans spend $65 billion each year on weight loss programs, dieting and gym memberships and we are getting less healthy? Detox might make you look sexy for a few days, but what is your long-term plan? Building a healthy lifestyle takes times effort and maybe some blinders.
  • Instant Expectations  – you can’t look good all of the time. Your health will fluctuate. Your body (and weight) will fluctuate. It’s normal. Don’t over-reach. Don’t think you are weird. No one looks perfect all of the time, no matter how Instagram makes you feel. Measure your personal success, not your new likes you get on each post.
If you need some help getting started, we suggest you check out early today. Close your laptop, throw your phone on silent and get to a place where technology can’t interfere with your health. Use the good technology, avoid the bad and get in the right headspace to enjoy your life. Personally, all I need is this nifty technology invention called a corkscrew. #YesWayRose


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