Do Pets Make You Healthier?

March 2, 2018

Pets are good for your mental and physical health

Do pets make you healthier and happier? Yes. The answer is yes. You can stop reading. Mystery solved. Get a pet = be happier and healthier (exclusions apply: tarantulas, snakes and sea monkeys). But why?

Pets Are So Happy They Might be on Molly

We try to write all of our health posts from a very data-rich perspective to avoid short-term health trapping and trends, but before we get to that, we will explain in pure emotion why a pet will make you a happier person.

  1. Pets, like dogs and cats, are always excited to see you. So excited sometimes they pee on you. How many of your friends or partners have done that when you come home from work?
  2. Pets are naturally comfortable. Fur is pretty great. They are like living pillows.
  3. Pets give the purest form of unconditional love. It’s like they live their entire lives on Molly. They loved to lick you, and kiss you and just rub themselves against you. Miley Cyrus is eternally jealous.
  4. They keep you safe. Yeah ok they bark at nothing, are sometimes afraid of thunderstorms, and eat trash from time to time. Compared to some of the processed crap we eat these days, they might actually eat less trash than us. And to be fair, thunderstorms are scary.
  5. They only have a decade or two to live and all they want to do it spend it with you. You are their bucket list. You might have many pets over the course of your life, but in their short lives, they want to you to feel as much love as you can.

Data Results: Do Pets Make You Healthier?

Pets have clear health benefits including lowering your blood pressure, cholesterol, and even adding years to your life. Some of these benefits might be attributed to pets that help you exercise more. For example, unless you are a dog owner you are likely not walking around in the rain or snow before work for 30 minutes while Fluffy finds her favorite tree to pee on.

These beliefs are so strong that pet-friendly offices are believed to boost morale, productivity, and reduce stress. There is however new evidence that suggests that it is not the pet that improves your health, but rather the socio-economic signifier of pets on your lifestyle. Either way, it can’t hurt, right?

So what’s the catch? Like all things in life, saying goodbye can be hard excruciating. The intensity of your pet’s love can only be matched with the intensity of their loss.

Pets make you healthier. Pets help you exercise. Pets make you look sexier. These are the facts. Pets for health. Pets for life. Fido for President.

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