Places We Love: Palm Springs

April 13, 2018

Chic. Sexy. A hangout of movie stars young and old. Even Leo has a house there. Welcome to the decadent, and oh so hot oasis in the desert. Palm Springs screams 3 day weekend, sunshine and maybe a little echo of yesteryear. Frank Sinatra records are not an option but on repeat 24/7.

It’s also the perfect off-season getaway when temps don’t melt your face right off. Get your body and mind ready for summer with an early season jaunt to Palm Springs. Where it’s always trendy to wear white and drink Rose.

It might not be for you if

You hate warm weather, pool time or playing mahjong. To be honest, we have never played mahjong so that might be optional, but seriously it’s the desert, it gets hot as shit during the day. Consider only packing a toothbrush, a swimsuit, and a truckload of sunscreen. You can make due with the rest.

Things you must do

  • Get started at Ernest coffee. Try the cold brew, so strong it will remove the buzzing in your head from the night before and wake you up faster than a swift kick to the groin.
  • If you want to get fancy, stop by the Parker for a mid-day cocktail at their lemonade stand. As the sun sets, you can romp around their gardens or take a snooze on a hammock. If you get lucky everyone’s favorite photographer, Gray Malin might be there with one of his animal friends.
  • Eat dinner at WorkShop. Their bar program is fabulous. That’s right F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S. We were blown away by their Hemingway Daiquiri. Give it a try, only $39.99, this week only. Not really, but the pricing is a bit inflated. Clearly, you are paying for the ambiance, but the food is quite nice as well.
  • If you feeling adventurous, take the Aerial Tramway from the desert floor to the top of Mt. San Jacinto State Park. If you lucky you can have a snowball fight at lunch and sit by the pool all afternoon.

Live like a local

Palm Springs has a strict 7 pm bedtime ordinance.  So set your alarm for the late hour of 5:45 am put on our swimsuit, hike them to your belly button and get ready for some pool aerobics.

Just kidding. In all seriousness, we personally suggest sticking to lighter reds if you must or going all in on white wine when it’s really hot. The red wine just doesn’t taste right when the temperated peaks above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Even a light Pinot gets a bit too effervescent and loses its flavor. So stay refreshed and hydrated with a nice Italian white all day and night long.

Trust us, you will leave feeling relaxed, and glowing from the inside out like the movie star you know you already are. Don’t worry, if you need a few more rays before you head to your boarding gate, the airport is outside, so that’s kinda nice. #itsadryheat

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