Cocktail of the Week: Kumquat Whiskey Sour

March 18, 2018

Cocktails are destined for the weekend (good news it’s still Sunday). They can be a beautiful expression of your food and drink experience. They will wake up your taste buds and get them ready for a perfect meal at home.

We suggest using cocktails to signify a special event. Like every Friday and Saturday. Relax, unwind and enjoy. It has all of the fanciness of formal attire without a trip to the dry cleaners. If you want to up your game a little further, add a cheese or meat board to feel extra special. Here is all you need and need to know to make the elegant kumquat whiskey sour cocktail. It’s a mix of new and old Hollywood. All the pleasure and none of the guilt. Hangover optional.

Booze Level: High

Classification: Classic Twist

Sophistication Level: Meryl Streep


2 ounces Templeton Rye
1/2 ounces lemon
1/2 ounces lime
3 kumquats
1-ounce simple syrup
Bitters (We suggest lavender or orange)
1 farm fresh egg

Add lemon, lime, simple syrup, bitters and kumquats in a shaker. Muddle for 1-2 minutes. Add rye and ice. Shake until cold. Strain and serve up in a coupe glass. Rinse shaker. Add egg white only (throw away or save egg yolk as wanted). Shake egg white and ice vigorously for 2-3 minutes. Strain and pour over a cocktail. Garnish with a thin center slice of kumquat and a small amount of zest. Drink!

The kumquat whiskey sour is one of our favorite spring cocktails. Perfectly balanced and uber-fancy with only a little work. Impress your friends. Impress your partner. Impress yourself.

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