Healthy Couples

March 25, 2018

Fitness can be lonely. Sometimes by design. You might like the intimacy of that experience. Adding your partner, friend, or crush to your fitness routine can help add a new dynamic to your health. This doesn’t mean you can’t continue to exercise on your own. You can add a couple fitness routine and accelerate your health.

Here is a real-world example from last week.

Fitness Couple


Seem a little one-sided? It can be, and that is ok. One of the greatest perks of couple fitness routines is that it adds motivation from two sides. This means you are more likely to follow through. You are likely to work out more. You have an automatic motivator in your partner. They can help push you, you can help push them. It might be the easiest way to create a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle has been proven to be the only way to stay healthy. Your partner is the key to keeping you healthy. Maybe even more than your running shoes!

Couples that exercise together get both the physical and relationship benefits that solitary fitness can’t deliver.

  1. Added Motivation. Running in the rain sucks. Running in the rain with your partner still sucks, but a little motivation thrown in your direction might get you out there even when it cold and rainy.
  2. Relationship Intimacy. Get an added relationship dynamic by training together. Help each other. Push each other. Release any underlying anger or frustration. Leave happy and closer than when you started.
  3. Set Goals Together. You know what is better than looking your best? When you both do! Those couples insta posts are going to look fabulous this summer.

If you find tennis to be an elitist sport, that’s ok, you won’t offend us. Find the routine that works best for you and your partner. Take your pick: running, SoulCycle, hiking, skiing, or synchronized swimming. Try both high-intensity activities and low-intensity ones that allow for personal connections while working out. A nice one-two punch. Your partner might be the only motivation you need to look and feel the way you want. Fitness power couple coming your way. You can be like Tom And Gisele, 8:30 bedtime not required!

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