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Our Philosophy


the state of living a balanced physical and emotional experience so that you can pursue your personal and professional passions.

Moderation isn’t a new thing, not for your health, not for your life. It’s been debated, revoked (looking at you, Ancient Rome) and renewed more often than an Elizabeth Taylor wedding. The difficulty with moderation is it is extremely nuanced. Like the difference from being kinda full and stuffed or maybe two glasses of wine and the whole bottle? This glass is definitely half full, fill me up to the top — hello slippery slope. How to do we hit this moving target?

A diet or cleanse is about resetting your health. What are the next 30 days about? Balance. Balance is what you need to create a long term health plan. It starts now, moves into summer, and continues, with no end in sight (hopefully). So what does balance look like? More importantly, how can you create a lifestyle plan that will work for you and leave you totally and fully satisfied? There is no need to deprive yourself. You can have your cake and eat it too.

Corevity Balance

We set to create a collective of like-minded healthy individuals. A place where we can band together and support our health choices. Let’s make our health as beautiful on the inside as we want it to be on the outside. Grab a friend, grab a stalk of broccoli and ban together to get the healthy lifestyle you want.

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Our Story

Corevity Balance

// Corevity Founder, Patrick Connelly

I thought I was healthy. I played college sports. I have always been active. When I was 22 I was training 6 days a week, 3+ hours a day. I was extremely fit. I thought being fit was the same as being healthy. I was wrong. The most important milestone of my health journey was getting high blood pressure when I was 26. It exposed my lack of health understanding. My doctor showed me a number and said “this is bad, this is good — so get yourself here.” Amazingly direct. It wasn’t like “lose a few pounds or exercise a bit more, yada yada yada, see you in 6 months.”

Rather than incur the cost and terror of taking pills, I changed my lifestyle. I started manually testing my nutrition inputs to increase my energy levels. I moved from processed food to cleaner, whole foods, and now mostly organic vegetable-focused meals. There was still no barometer or feedback system. It was all trial and error. I had to test and test and test to get here. I wanted to solve this problem for everyone and create a truly automated health solution. It took me 15 years to fully hone my health philosophy and I am just getting started. I created Corevity to make health easy to understand, remove the nonsense and create a healthy lifestyle we all could live by.

"Health is a lifestyle, not a fad. I am not in it for today and tomorrow, I am in it to feel like myself 50 years from now."